Teacher Project Name Project Requested
Amanda Girvin RTI Reading Dr. Brown’s ROSES program $1,568
Kelly Hahlbeck STEAM Science Station STEAM Science Stations to explore standards based on magnets, force, motion, sink, float $2,339
Erin Pifer Video Production iPad 4 iPads for media center for improved video production and Book Trailer creation $1,196
Amy Michael Ebeam Edge Ebeam Edge Interactive white boards for Math classes $3,000
Rebekah Arvin Ozobots Ozobots Ed. Kit to teach coding in media center $2,500
Anne Oney Makerspace on Wheels Tape, markers, tools, crafting, cutting tools, bolts, LEDs, batteries…etc $537
Eric Wilson Energy Interactions 1 day COSI experience for K-5 $2,180
Suzanne Strawn/Lisa Duawe Minds & Motion Balance walkers, hoops, bean bags, beam, tumbling mats, step stones, rhythm sticks $825
Cathy Cyboron Flexible Seating Ball chairs, Stools, Surf Classroom set, foot rollers, read to succeed rug $1,702
Crystal Klier Mindful Soft Starts Different assortments of bldg blocks. $500
Katie Lynch Quaver Music The QuaverMusic.com K-5 music curriculum $1,680
Davis STEM Bike Club 15 Bikes $1,500
Sarah Sironen RTI Book K-5 books for kids reading at all levels $1,500
Ilsa Barry Little Bits Little Bits Class bundle, Snap circuitry $2,932
Alexander Miosi Gross Motor Development Squeeze balls, scooter, InReach T boards $1,384
Lora Evans MS Office Testing Center Rights to become an official Microsoft Office Testing Center $3,000
Chereste West Scholastic Book Books (120) for 70 at risk 2nd graders $500
Stephanie Strausbaugh Kelso’s Choice Program to teach peace-making skills, conflict resolution $1,157
Dee Besl Music Theater Prod Junglebook costumes for entire 5th grade $250
Belk Pre-K Hands on Learning Marbles, sand, waterfalls, bubbles, shells, projector $881
Rachel Anderson Middle School Book Study Smart Girl’s Guide to friendship-50 books $500
Total: $31,631