2021 / 2022 School Year
Grants Awarded

The Boone County Education Foundation is happy to announce it is funding the following list of grant projects for the 2021 / 2022 school year in the total amount of $35,228!

Burlington Elementary Alyson Scheper Ozobot Robots
Burlington Elementary Brandie Combs Yoga program certification
Collins Elementary Deshae Barnhorst Library Makerspace
Conner High School Emily Martin / Megan Bogenschutz Adobe Photoshop GIF maker
Cooper High School Karen Wiebe Fine Arts / Drama sound equipment
Florence Elementary Cheryl Wainscott English language learners ambassadors
Kelly Elementary Jessica Longland Yoga class
Mann Elementary Anne Oney STEAM  purposeful play
Mann Elementary Katie Hiatt Soft Starts for Friday
New Haven Elementary Amanda Sigmon Diversifying our Reading project
North Pointe Elementary Tara Harnishfeger Advancing gross motor skills
North Pointe Elementary Kim Hamrick 5th grade SEL book club
Ockerman Elementary Susan Minton / Julie Lambert Mathematical Fluence workshops
Ryle High School Debra Kramer / Julie Harwood Cardio drumming and dance
Ryle High School Alexander Miosi Gross motor Development
Ryle High School Amy Grant Book club
Ryle High School Alana Briggs Drones
Stephens Elementary Schuyler Tymula Promoting technology in the autism classroom
Stephens Elementary Chereste West Third Grade Socratic Seminar
Stephens Elementary Melissa Huff Appalachian face jugs
Thornewilde Elementary Stephanie Strausbaugh Second Step
Thornewilde Elementary Jordan Scheid Media Club – Padcaster Studio AV system
Yealey Elementary Wendi Belk Purposeful pre-school play

Boone County Alumni Association

Benefits of Joining the Boone County Alumni Association sponsored by The Boone County Education Foundation

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  • Stay connected with current graduating class with support from the Boone County Education Foundation
  • Potential nomination and recognition for the Boone County School District Alumni Hall of Fame

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Boone County Education Foundation financially supports innovative approaches to teaching and learning.  We raise funds through individual, corporate, endowment, memorial, bequest contributions and events.  The events recognize and celebrate students and teachers in the Boone County Schools.

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Current Board Members

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at the Boone County Board of Education.

Jim Claxton – President

Cathy Stavros – Vice President


Becky Quigley – Treasurer

Bryan Cobb – Secretary

Olivia Amlung

Amanda Girvin

Misty Johnson

Amy Hoffman

Lisa Dyer

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