Boone County Education Foundation

We are an independent, not-for-profit organization promoting community and business partnerships, which provide innovative opportunities and resources benefiting all students attending Boone County Schools.

What We Do

The Foundation was founded in 1995 as a non-profit organization authorized by the Boone County Board of Education to provide a community/education partnership.  By promoting community and business partnerships, the Foundation has provided financial support to enhance educational opportunities and experiences for students of the Boone County Schools.

Boone County is the fastest growing county in the Commonwealth and the third largest school district with nearly 20,000 students. The District is Kentucky’s nationally recognized school district and is lauded as the highest performing large school district.

The Foundation is managed by a volunteer board whose fundraising activities provide critical support to the District.

Spring 2017 Grants

The Boone County Education Foundation is happy to announce it is funding the following list of grant projects for the Spring 2017 semester in the total amount of $10,082

North Pointe Elementary – Teacher Akrivi Watson – Mini Maker Space – $1000

Funds to purchase “makey makeys”; Little Bits Steam Student Sets and Lego Motor.

Ockerman Middle School – Teacher Bernadette Leonard– Solar Cells – $750

Funds to provide the materials for a detailed PBL project involving solar energy with an essay requirement.

Kelly Elementary – Teacher Karla Hall – STEM Meets Art – $1,881

Funds to purchase tools and clay to establish an art lab that incorporates science, chemistry physics, architecture, history and sculpture.

Florence Elementary – Teachers Kathy Hammonds, Aryn Johnson and Sam Schreiber – Making Books Come Alive in Two Languages – $1,000

Funds to purchase a selection of literature classics in English and Spanish to use in a detailed project to enhance reading, language and tolerance.

Boone County High School – Teacher Kelly Lindsey – Promoting Student Engagement through Mathematical Games – $1983

Funds to purchase the materials needed to create reusable math manipulatives for high school students struggling or dis-interested in traditional math class.

Yealey Elementary – Guidance Counselor Rachel Anderson – Second Steps (social emotional school-wide guidance curriculum) – $2394.54

Funds to purchase the Second Steps Bundle Program (reusable for the entire student body) that is an evidence-based social/emotional guidance curriculum.

Imagineering Academy – Teacher Samantha Puff – Publishing Children’s Books – $900

Funds used to publish Hardcover Books using Lulu. The students will create and edit their own children’s books and share them with elementary students throughout the District at a planned reading event.

Imagineering Academy – Teacher Darin Smith – Florence History Project $174

Funds to be used to purchase Blue Star Beacons to create a video historical tour.

Boone County Alumni Association

Benefits of Joining the Boone County Alumni Association sponsored by The Boone County Education Foundation

  • Professional and social networking opportunities
  • Give back to current and future students
  • As an employer, build future employee pipeline
  • Sponsorship of specific events for recognition
  • Stay connected with current graduating class with support from the Boone County Education Foundation
  • Potential nomination and recognition for the Boone County School District Alumni Hall of Fame
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Get Involved & Make A Difference

Boone County Education Foundation financially supports innovative approaches to teaching and learning.  We raise funds through individual, corporate, endowment, memorial, bequest contributions and events.  The events recognize and celebrate students and teachers in the Boone County Schools.


Celebration of Innovation in Education Annual Luncheon

Held October 26, 2016

Our Sponsors

Are at the foundation of what of what we do.  We want to thank our generous sponsors for making our events possible and for showing their commitment to furthering the education our youth in Boone County.

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