Boone County Education Foundation

We are a not-for-profit organization. We will partner with our community to enrich the lives of all Boone County School Students by funding additional learning experiences and resources for students, teachers and administrators.

2019 / 2020 School Year
Grants Awarded

The Boone County Education Foundation is happy to announce it is funding the following list of grant projects for the 2019 / 2020 school year in the total amount of $31,631!

Amanda Girvin Camp Ernst Middle RTI Reading
Kelly Hahlbeck Collins Elem STEAM Science Station
Erin Pifer Cooper High School Video Production iPad
Amy Michael Cooper High School Ebeam Edge
Rebekah Arvin Longbranch Elem Ozobots
Anne Oney Mann Elem Makerspace on Wheels
Eric Wilson Mann Elem Energy Interactions
Suzanne Strawn/Lisa Duawe New Haven Elem Minds & Motion
Cathy Cyboron New Haven Elem Flexible Seating
Crystal Klier Ockerman Elem Mindful Soft Starts
Katie Lynch Ockerman Elem Quaver Music
Davis Ockerman Middle STEM Bike Club
Sarah Sironen Ockerman Middle RTI Book
Ilsa Barry Ockerman Middle Little Bits
Alexander Miosi Ryle High School Gross Motor Development
Lora Evans Ryle High School MS Office Testing Center
Chereste West Stephens Elem Scholastic Books
Stephanie Strausbaugh Thornwilde Elem Kelso’s Choice Program
Dee Besl Yealey Elem Music Theater Production
Wendi Belk Yealey Elem Pre-K Hands on Learning
Rachel Anderson Yealey Elem Middle School Book Study

Boone County Alumni Association

Benefits of Joining the Boone County Alumni Association sponsored by The Boone County Education Foundation

  • Professional and social networking opportunities
  • Give back to current and future students
  • As an employer, build future employee pipeline
  • Sponsorship of specific events for recognition
  • Stay connected with current graduating class with support from the Boone County Education Foundation
  • Potential nomination and recognition for the Boone County School District Alumni Hall of Fame

Get Involved & Make A Difference

Boone County Education Foundation financially supports innovative approaches to teaching and learning.  We raise funds through individual, corporate, endowment, memorial, bequest contributions and events.  The events recognize and celebrate students and teachers in the Boone County Schools.

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Our Sponsors

Are at the foundation of what of what we do.  We want to thank our generous sponsors for making our events possible and for showing their commitment to furthering the education of our youth in Boone County.

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Current Board Members

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at the Boone County Board of Education.

Jim Claxton – President

Cathy Stavros – Vice President

Becky Quigley – Treasurer

Bonnie Rickert – Secretary

Olivia Amlung

Dan Bisig

Bryan Cobb

Amy Hoffman

Shawn Rainey

Bonnie Rickert

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