2018-2019 School Year Mini-Grant Awards

Teacher Project Supplies Amount
Ms. Julia Deevers-Rich (YES) PLTW PreK-5 Launch 28 PLTW modules $2,000
Ms. Jessica Covert (CnHS) Hydroponic Garden Hydroponic garden supplies $2,228
Mr. Patrick Wallace (CMS) Parrot Mambo Drone 2 Parrot Mambo Drones and Parrot Education Mambo packs $1,460
Ms. Rachael Burriss (CpHS) Professional artwork printer Inkjet printer and supplies $851
Ms. Mary Sargent (RJMS) Leader recognition Program Program supplies $1,000
Ms. Tia Wood (BMS) Makey Makey 2 Makey Makey STEM packs $1,400
Ms. Elizabeth Kirby (NPES) Complex needs board book 70 board books $540
Ms. Jessica Pass (EES) Courtyard Paddock Courtyard paddock supplies $3,037
Ms. Karla Hall (KES) Wildlife habitat Outdoor habitat supplies $1,399
Ms. Stephanie Stambaugh (LES) Zones of Regulation Webinar for 41-60 participants $3,250
Ms. Jennifer Payne (FES) Virtual reality VR headsets, tablet, apps, chargers and wifi router $2,500
Ms. Jennifer Melvin (NHES) CASEL pilot program Wonder Grove Learn videos $1,530
Ms. Kelly Hahlbeck (CES) Ozobots and Dash/Dots 1 STEAM lab set of Ozobots and 1 set of Dash and Dots $1,550
Ms. Anne Oney (MES) Project Programming Alive! Lego WeDo 12 Lego WeDo core sets $2,279
Ms. Stephanie Knauer (NPES) Multiple math programs Math supplies $2,000
Ms. Ruth Palmer (OES) Monster genetics Monster genetics supplies $257
Ms. Melissa Huff (SES) Appalachian basket weaving basket supplies $605
Mr. Tim Mitchell (TES) Ukelele 30-pack Ukeleles $1,386
Ms. Wendi Belk (YES) Outdoor Pre-K gross motor fun Outdoor gross motor equipment $502